Pir – 24/27 September 2018

Geschehen 15 März 2018
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BFC wird anwesend sein Pir – MOSCOW – von 24 bis 27 September 2018.
Stand 3C94.


4 days of vivid emotions, 4 days of taste discovery, 4 day of coffee experiments!
This year, the most delicious and fragrant exhibition of the coffee and tea industry ran under the slogan „E’Motion Generation!“, bringing together industry professionals and giving unforgettable emotions for the fifth time. Suppliers and manufacturers from around the world sharing all new on their booths, and 5 Championships for 200 competing Barista – all under one exhibition.
This year it was filled with incredible aroma and creative atmosphere, becoming a source of inspiration for both visitors and participants. For 4 days the guests were enjoying the bright tastings, exciting events, unique work-shops with from international coffee celebrities, and useful seminars about the intricacies of coffee and tea industry as well.


Von uns, die wir uns die Espressomaschinen ausdenken, entwickeln und produzieren