espresso coffee machines

About BFC

BFC srl is offering its customers highly interesting services that cannot be missed, even by those who are giving a simple, fleeting glance at the site.

  • Alert, in coordinating the orders
  • Precise, in delivery dates
  • Special, in providing technical courses and technology to operators in the sector
  • Creative, in offering a vast choice
  • Attentive, in designing and making coffee machines for… GREAT COFFEES

The company exports 80% of its production, which is manufactured by 75 employees who are super experts in the espresso coffee machine sector.

Top quality and high production flexibility are the decisive factors that lie behind the success of our coffee machines on the world market. Heart and body (copper boilers, connection tubes and steel housings) are made entirely inside our new facilities in Scomigo di Conegliano, which cover an area of 5.000 sq. m.

Unrivalled quality, perfect finishes, meticulous controls of the production processes and lastly limited manufacturing costs that reduce selling prices to a minimum are clear to everyone. We are growing annually by 20% in terms of sales volume.

A new important goal will be reached in 2015: 10.000 espresso coffee machines manufactured and sold in one year.

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espresso coffee machines

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