espresso coffee machines

Aviator 1 group

Traditional machines

Product characteristics

Espresso coffee machine 1 group.

Models:  • electronic with programmable keypad – Touch screen

Copper boiler in 5 litre capacities with thermostatic circuit.

Traditional temperature compensated group (4.4kg).

Technical details


T.C.I. – Independent temperature control

Thanks to the new T.C.I. technology, each single group’s delivery temperature can be easily managed, with maximum precision. From the touch-screen colour displays, the water temperature of each single group can be managed in real time. An innovative water pre-heating circuit guarantees excellent thermal stability, even in intense working conditions.





P.P.I. – Independent pressure profile

Thanks to our new pressure control system, five different pressure profiles can be programmed for each group, allowing perfect and precise espresso coffee extraction into the cup. Our motto is Simplicity and intuition. Thanks to brand new touch-screen display technology, it’s easy to manage the pressure you want, for as long as you want, in real time. Operators can personalise the pressure curve and get the best out of the coffee mix used.



Available colours


espresso coffee machines

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